• Piedmont Valley Farm’s Market Gardens are grown with agro-ecological and permaculture practices.
  • NO synthetic herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, preservatives or fertilizers for environmental health, and yours!
  • On Farm seed saving and local organic and open-pollinated heritage seed sources.
  • Minimal tillage, rotational crops, manual weeding, compost and poultry enriched soil.
  • Seasonal fruits and produce include varieties of berries, greens, beans, squash, herbs, and carrots.
  • Ongoing planting of an assortment of nut and fruit bearing trees and shrubs that will produce in time.
  • Hand harvested small batches of ‘Brambleberry Tea’: A delicious and refreshing loose leaf blend of naturally dried blackberry, red and golden raspberry leaf – limited special editions with mint and wild rose petals.
  • Farm grown fruit jam and flower jellies are made with fair-trade organic cane sugar.
  • Edible flowers and rustic bouquets on occasion.

Visit our Facebook page to discover what is freshly harvested and available at farm gate by appointment.


You can also visit our Vendor table each week at the MERIGOMISH SCHOOLHOUSE MARKET & CAFÉ Sundays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. June-December (1682 Hwy #245 Merigomish)  https://www.facebook.com/Merigomish.MARSA/

Occasionally hosting “THE CLASSROOM CAFÉ” brunch menu featuring Farm fruit and produce.

Are you an artisan, craft maker or producer of an interesting product with no interest in Market vending? We can help!

Offering low cost consignment sales for great local items at the Farm’s Vendor table. Contact us to discuss your item!

Follow these links to learn more about how our natural gardens grow: