• $5 / dozen Fresh and nutritious Schedule “A” UNGRADED EGGS 
  • At our Vendor booth at the Merigomish Schoolhouse Marketplace every Sunday 10 – 1 (#1682 Shore Rd)
  • At Farmstead by appointment… just call ahead to make sure we are home * not refrigerated available on request
  • Non-GMO / un-medicated pelleted feed milled in N.S. supplementing to natural pasture grazing & garden treats
  • Re-establishing old fields with nutritional perennial crops and and using rotational grazing methods
  • Deep bedding method of locally sourced straw and wood shavings provides nutrient-rich mulch and compost
  • No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are applied to our fields * only our chicken manure compost (not for sale!)
  • Safely pastured in solar-powered electric fencing and guarded by our Great Pyrenees / Maremma dog
  • Hens outside ranging every day makes the egg yolks a deep orange colour!




  • Chicken Farmers of NS (CFNS) ‘Specialty – Free Range’ chicken producer since 2016
  • 2021 production of ‘Meat King’ variety … accepting reserved orders in advance of September processing
  • $5/lb – $11/kg whole or halved, vac-packed  
  • Traditionally growing the ‘Nova Free Ranger’ variety… bred in N.S. for free-ranging capability and exceptional flavour (***the breeding stock of this variety was sold to Ontario by the retiring developer *** Due to local unavailability of chicks we have temporarily put production of ‘Nova Free Rangers’ on hold at the Farm (2020)***
  • Provincially inspected processing and packaged at plant #9
  • Pick up fresh at our Farmstead gate on the processing day or frozen by request.
  • Also available frozen at the Merigomish Schoolhouse Marketplace on Sundays in the Autumn season.