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  • Fresh or frozen, whole or cut up & vac-pac options…your choice! 
  • Nova Scotia Chicken Farmers ‘Specialty – Free Range’ licensed producer since 2016.
  • Available from the Farm in the fall following Provincially approved processing and packaging.
  • ‘Nova Free Ranger’ variety bred in N.S. for free ranging capability and exceptional flavor.  Average weight 4.5  lbs 
  • non-GMO/non-medicated pelleted feed milled in N.S. supplementing to natural pasture grazing.
  • Piedmont Valley Farms is working towards reestablishing old fields with nutritional perennial crops, and utilizes rotational grazing methods. No synthetic “cides” applied to fields, only chicken-made fertilizer.
  • Flocks are safely pastured in permanent and portable solar powered electric fencing during day, in coops and the hoop-house at night, and guarded by the addition of a Great Pyrenees/Maremma pup in February 2018.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastured_poultry       http://www.novafreerangers.com/         http://nschicken.com/


  • non-GMO/non-medicated feed and outside ranging natural pasture. Yolks are the deepest orange color!
  • During winter months, the hens reside in the large hoop-house with plenty of room to roam about displaying natural behaviours. 
  • Deep bedding of locally sourced straw and wood shavings provides nutrient rich mulch and compost for use in the gardens in Spring.
  • Fresh and nutritious Schedule “A” UNGRADED eggs are available each Sunday from the Farm’s vendor table at the Merigomish Schoolhouse Market & Cafe, or  at the Farm gate by appointment.
  • The Merigomish Schoolhouse Market & Cafe is located at 1682 Hwy #245, (Shore Rd.) Merigomish N.S., and is open each Sunday, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  the first of June to the last before Christmas.