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Piedmont Valley Farms was established in 2016

Quality local providers of

  • dog daycare & boarding services
  • CFNS licensed free-range chicken
  • Eggs from natural pasture grazing hens
  • Flavourful varieties of fruit jam & wildflower jelly
  • Fresh & dried culinary herbs and loose tea blends
  • Merigomish Schoolhouse Marketplace sweet snacks & cafe menu ‘TO-GO’

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Dog Daycare & Boarding

  • ‘Home away from home’ quality care for your dog when ever you need to be away!
  • Arrange a no fee MEET & GREET today!

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Pasture Poultry

  • EGGS $6.50 dz
  • CFNS Specialty Licensed Free-Range Chicken


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Market Gardens

  • naturally grown
  • seasonal berries
  • fresh & dried culinary and traditional use herbs
  • farm fruit jam
  • wildflower jelly
  • loose leaf tea

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2063 Piedmont Valley Rd. Merigomish, NS   B0K 1G0